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Yes, Tusk Toothpowder is designed to completely replace your current toothpaste.
There is no real advantage to toothpaste over toothpowder, other than habit.

1. Toothpowder is a toothpaste without the water. To contain the water, conventional toothpastes require filler chemicals like flow modifiers and stabilizers. Tusk Toothpowder only contains ingredients that are actively improving oral health.

2. Toothpowder allows our jars to be refillable. Toothpaste tubes are single-use and cannot be recycled; over 1 billion toothpaste tubes are thrown out each year. Tusk Toothpowder comes in a refillable jar so you never need to throw it away!

3. Toothpowder makes travel much easier! Since it doesn't contain water, you can bring it in your carry-on and it'll last longer for the same amount of space.
Less than you think! We recommend dipping 1/3-1/2 of the bristle tips in toothpowder, as shown in the product photos. Feel free to use more if you don't think that is enough.
Our 30g jar will last approximately 3 months when brushing twice a day with the recommended amount.
For best freshness use within 1-2 years, but they can last longer than that if stored in a cool, dry place.
All of our ingredients are 100% food-grade, vegan, and safe to swallow. That said, we recommend spitting out the toothpowder after brushing to expel collected bacteria.
We only use the highest quality ingredients. All ingredients are 100% food-grade and have been deemed safe to swallow. Children may be more sensitive to the essential oils, we are working on creating more mild versions for children. We recommend consulting a healthcare practitioner regarding any concerns about using our products.
nHAP doesn't fill cavities, however it can prevent them. nHAP has been shown to be a safe, effective fluoride substitute that strengthens and protects enamel.

For advice on medical issues, consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before using our products.
We chose to use plastic because it has less environmental impact than the alternatives. Plastic has the smallest carbon footprint, and it's durable so your Tusk jar will last!

The primary issue with plastic is single-use. Tusk jars are designed to be reusable and not thrown out, eliminating the primary negative environmental impact of plastic.
Absolutely not! Our products are all vegan and cruelty-free.
Yes! If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can return the product to get a full refund, minus shipping charges.

You can return a product for up to 30 days from the date you purchased it. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging.

Send us a message with a copy of your invoice, and we'll get you that refund as soon as possible.